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Centralized access management

A 3-click factory

Building a complete software factory (SCM, CI, REPo and QA) in 3 clicks.

Centralized access management

Rights management

Creating users, managing project accesses, administrating rights, disabling accounts if needed.

Monitor your factory


Following the status and logs of the Software Factory parts.

SaaS access

SaaS Access

Start with Kodo Kojo now by using our hosted platform.

Schéma de l'écosystème Kodo Kojo
Schéma de l'écosystème Kodo Kojo
Logo Open Source Initiative

Kodo Kojo is an extensible open source project which enables SCM, CI and Repository set up to start writing code as soon as possible.
It offers a centralized user friendly interface for projects and users management, tools monitoring and easy access. Kodo Kojo is designed for scalability and openess.
It embeds standard software stacks and is very modular.